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About Haelthy

Discover your Balance

Haelthy® philosophy leads us to get back to nature and find our balance to boost our immune system and to live healthier and happier. 


​In order to achieve the Goal, Haelthy® Group planned to establish twenty-four different subsidiaries such as Haelthy®Cafe, Haelthy®Store, Haelthy®Academy, Haelthy®Coffee, Haelthy®Products, Haelthy®Kids, Haelthy®farms etc. 

Tropical Leaves

Improve Your Quality of Life

 We help you to enhance your physical and mental well-being

Consuming products that boost your immune system such as freshly prepared fruits and vegetables but also ingredients like turmeric or ginger, are not only good for your body but also for your soul. 

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Our Promises

Organic &

Sugar-Free Products

The absence of sugar, chemicals, additives, and preservatives in our products helps to strengthen our immune system.

We Care About
The Planet

We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible by using 100% biodegradable cutlery and dishes made from palm leaves.

In Tune
With Nature

We pursue the vision of supporting a conscious and healthy diet and at the same time creating a place for relaxation and deceleration.