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Getting enough nutrients from our food can be a challenge in today’s busy and modern lifestyle. Due to soil degradation and modern food production practices, grocers’ food is of lower quality. Nowadays, there are fewer diverse nutrients in the foods we eat, even those that are naturally grown. Body functions require a certain amount of minerals and vitamins. For this reason, experts recommend that every person consume a certain daily amount of vitamins and minerals.
For instance, a vitamin K-rich diet is necessary to coagulate the blood, while vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption.
The production of collagen and the integrity of the skin may also be supported by certain nutrients.
From repairing damaged tissues to supplying energy, nutrients are responsible for hundreds of biological functions. Therefore, it is possible to experience health problems when an essential nutrient is not optimal.

In addition, vitamin supplements shouldn’t replace healthy eating or antibiotics or other medications; instead, they should be thought of as supplements to food.