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Hungry? But you are on a special diet!

Are you looking for healthy food with just the right amount of calories, minerals, and vitamins for you?

Can you imagine a special menu with food analysis included?

An informational menu created by nutritionists to let you know how many calories, fats, sugars, minerals, and vitamins you consume. Try the Haelthy Eats app because you deserve to know what you’re ordering.

Your search for healthy and delicious food ends here

Haelthy eats helps you to find healthy food and allows you to order from restaurants with ease.

Now you can enjoy your favorite foods more as they are healthier and smart foods.
This time round, instead of browsing in countless restaurants, you can order healthy food from the nearest restaurant using Haelthy eats ‘innovative’ menu.

Simple Ordering

Fancy eating something nice but don’t want to wait.. Now, you can bypass waiting in long queues and quell your appetite in the comfort of your home—even in your pajamas! Healthy Eats innovative menus make takeaways even more appealing, so you’re bound to find something that’ll suit your wallet and taste buds.
Take a look at the menu, read the food analyses, and then pick your food and add it to your cart. That’s it. Haelthy Eats proposed menu is simple and healthy and includes all the nutrients،, minerals, and vitamins needed by customers based on our nutritionist’s analysis reports.
No worries if you are on a special diet. Through the Haelthy Eats innovative menu you don’t have to worry about what you eat. You can even order your food weekly or monthly and have it brought to you fresh or frozen to the door.