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Our story

our story

Discover Your Balance

Haelthy is a German brand that has been registered in more than 60 countries. The philosophy of Haelthy is to create balance for everyone in all aspects of life (material and spiritual). In order to achieve this goal, extensive research work is being done worldwide with the help of our research team.
As many of you are aware, we have prohibited the use of artificial sugar, additives, and chemicals in our products. Instead, we offer customers healthy alternatives by identifying and selecting natural materials such as dates, spices, nuts, and the like from all parts of the world.

Haelthy Café in Berlin

Haelthy Café inaugurated its activity in the most distinguished street in Berlin with its unique design in May 2020. We followed the Haelthy standards set by our team in the café menu too, and we developed and are developing the menu with the help of one of the best chefs in the region.

Pastry/Haelthy store

This beautifully designed branch is located on the best and busiest street in Dusseldorf, and the focus is on offering Haelthy sweets and cakes.

Haelthy Lounge

In Haelthy lounge, customers will experience something different by being whisked away in the wonders of nature; they encounter nature sounds, sights, and fragrances.

Manufactory- LAB

Healthy’s factory is located in Langenfeld. In our production site in Langenfeld, all the commodities our customers can buy in our café, confectionary, and online shop are made.
But Langenfeld will be so much more than just our production facility; it is home to the Healthy laboratory, academy, farm, research center, and production facilities.

Haelthy Central Kitchen

At our production site in Velbert, our lovely team of master confectioners is always hard at work looking for new healthy, delicious recipes for our confectionery products.
At our production facility and also our Haelthy Kitchen, we produce and distribute ingredients to our Café and Confectionary.